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Token Logic is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) cloud investment platform enabling you to make the right ICO investment moves. Our world-leading blockchain startup analysts, investors and forecasters disperse your investment intelligently across only the most profitable ICOs.

Avoid the endless pitfalls that catch out the amateur ICO investors!

From our Hong Kong base, we channel every possible ICO profit into your pocket and provide industry-topping daily interest rates. Collect leading daily interest rates. Make expert moves. Join a vibrant global community with exclusive benefits. And enjoy simple, instant funds withdrawal at all times.

World-leading blockchain project analysts

Make expert moves braver yet safer than you ever would.

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Leading interest rates

Collect leading daily interest rates and enjoy instant funds withdrawal at all times.

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Meet like-minded individuals in a vibrant global community.


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There is no better way to penetrate the thrilling realm of top-level Initial Coin Offering (ICO) cloud investment than with Token Logic. And it could not be simpler, either. In just a few easy steps, you can elevate from a lifetime of “what if” speculation to a multitude of profitable instants.

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Oct 25, 2018

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We guarantee our users a swift 150% total return on every investment!

The more you invest, the faster you will receive the 150% total returns guaranteed by each level of Token Logic investment plan. That’s 50% net profit on every investment plan you take out with us!



Daily for 50 days
- Min Deposit : 0.001 BTC - Max Deposit : 10 BTC - BEP : 34 Days Learn More


Daily for 40 days
- Min Deposit : 0.1 BTC - Max Deposit : 20 BTC - BEP : 27 Days Learn More


Daily for 30 days
- Min Deposit : 0.5 BTC - Max Deposit : 100 BTC - BEP : 20 Days Learn More

Principal sum included in daily payments.
Receive daily interest every 24 hours on each of your investments.

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There are many ways we make your Token Logic experience as rewarding as can be. We appreciate all you do to spread word of our platform and one way we show our gratitude is through our official Affiliate Programs.

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