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Token Logic is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) cloud investment platform that finally enables ICO investors of every ability level to make and monitor ICO investment moves with the best available foresight and highest chances of financial success.
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Token Logic’s world-leading blockchain startup analysts, investors and forecasters step up to guide your investments, dispersing them intelligently across each of the world’s countless ICOs we deem the most profitable. From our HK base, we conduct total vigilance across the shifting ICO landscape and channel every possible profit into your pocket. Our entire team thrives off maximising your income via wise ICO investments, as well as providing you with industry-topping daily interest rates direct to user wallets.

With so many ICOs released it is impossible to enforce standards or guarantee completion at all – so how do you know which to invest in and which to avoid? Whether by intentional scam, unforeseen error or simple market hiccup, the ICO is a temperamental beast and daunting investment. Not every ICO leads to richness. And many have learned this the hard way.

Now master this exclusive realm with Token Logic by investing in the very best ICOs and privatised pre-sales. And avoid hours researching market forecasts and sleepless nights watching savings evaporate. No expensive computers, no confusing buzzwords – simply sit back and relax.

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It is totally free to join Token Logic and profit big from the world’s most lucrative ICOs.

Withdrawals in BitCoin, Doge and Litecoin are instant while other may take up to 24 hours.

Receive daily interest every 24 hours on each of your investments.

Invest in as many plans as you wish and watch them develop with full confidence.

The Token Logic platform has been designed in a similarly astute way by our developers to be every bit as accessible as it is profitable. By making the right investments into only the most promising of proposals, we ensure that you as a valued investor enjoy the maximum reward.
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The road to Token Logic’s launch has been a thrilling journey for everyone involved.
From our executive team to independent contributors, every role has been vital in achieving the world’s leading ICO cloud investment platform.

June 2017

CEO Frank Herman conceives the idea of Token Logic.

August 2017

Frank, along with his trusted team of executives and advisors, perfect the concept and outline the technical requirements.

October 2017

The Token Logic concept enjoys a strong reception when presented to shareholders.

December 2017

Token Logic is announced to the public by press release published on various ICO news sites, enjoying a similarly strong reception.

February 2018

The Token Logic development team is compiled from some of the industry’s brightest minds.

March 2018

Development of the Token Logic engine commences.

June 2018

Invitations are sent to investors, analysts and traders around the world to become a part of Token Logic’s investment squad.

September 2018

With platform development complete and the investment team assembled, Token Logic announces its official launch date.

October 2018

Token Logic officially launches, welcoming the public to take part in and profit from its new ICO cloud investment opportunity.

The future of ICO investment is beyond bright.
Stake your claim now with Token Logic.

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Our powerful team!

Token Logic is proud to provide market-leading interest figures and it is all possible thanks to the belief held in our international pro ICO investment team.

Frank Herman (CEO)

Frank is the visionary leader of the Token Logic team. Regarded throughout the crypto realm, he is responsible for every major platform development, and for managing global operations and resources.

Emil Maynerd (CTO)

Emil is the man in the lab coat governing each of Token Logic’s scientific and technological advances. He runs the platform’s busy R&D sector, overseeing every advance with trademark enthusiasm.

Eva Larson (CIO)

Eva provides her unique brand of expertise across Token Logic’s many internal business technologies. She also heads the ongoing maintenance of its infrastructure, guaranteeing the smoothest experience for all users.

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