Token Logic Bounty Program

We want nothing more than to reward our users as much as possible - welcome to the Token Logic Bounty Program where we do just that. Participate in as many bounties as you like to add to your earnings!

We love everything you guys do to spread word of our platform - use the #tokenlogic hashtag so as many as possible discover your great work! Discover our full list of bounties below and keep an eye on this page where we will post all new bounties.

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YouTube & Blog Bounties

0.003 - 0.015 BTC: YouTube Review or Success Report on YT

Create an engaging YouTube video sharing your experience using Token Logic. The approach you take is entirely up to you - from a general review to focusing on specifics such as the technology, community, profitability or our team.

You can also share a report of your earnings from the platform, such as over the first 6 months of use. It’s a great chance for you to convey the delight that ICO investment profitability can bring!

For this bountie to work, the following guidelines must be met:

- Please ensure you show your face in your video and that it is publically viewable.
- Videos must be 1 minute in length or longer.
- Include your unique Token Logic referral link in your video description.
- Include the #tokenlogic hashtag.
- Any language is great but English language videos will gain higher bounties.
- Similarly, the quality of your video will denote a higher bounty.

0.0015 - 0.015 BTC: Blog Piece

For all the bloggers out there, this is your chance to write an absorbing blog on Token Logic and your experience using the platform. As with our video-making bounty hunters above, you might choose to produce a general unbiased review of the platform, focus on any specific platform functions that stand out to you, or provide a financial report of sorts. Share as much as you like, and include screenshots to help newcomers understand your satisfaction with the platform.

For these bounties to work, the following guidelines must be met:
- Your Alexa rank for your blog should be less than 1 million.
- The article must be written by yourself and be at least 300 words in length.
- Do not delete the article after you receive your bounty.
- Include your unique Token Logic referral link.
- Include the #tokenlogic hashtag.
- Any language is great but English language blogs will gain higher bounties.

Community Management Bounties

0.015 - 0.15 BTC: Run a Token Logic Community

Our final and most rewarding tier of bounty involves creating and running a Token Logic community on your social media platforms of choice (Facebook or Telegram work best though all are welcomed). Your group can focus on any element of Token Logic - from sharing tips with new users to open investment discussions, competitions, initiatives and much more. You can keep us updated directly to ensure we notice and value the scale of support you are providing.

Following guidelines must be met:
- Maintain the positive image of Token Logic.
- Keep a polite and respectable community arena.
- Be involved in the blockchain industry in some way for at least 1 year.
- Feature the #tokenlogic hashtag in the group’s description

Collecting Your Bounty

Good work, bounty hunters! The entire Token Logic team is deeply grateful for your support of our platform.

When you have completed a bounty simply email us with the relevant links and information at and title the email “Bounty Complete!”

Please remember:
- Each bounty can only be completed once.
- Verification of your bounty can take up to 3 business days.
- We reserve the right to deem your bounty unsuccessful.
- Your bounty will be added to your account following verification!