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What is the goal of Token Logic?

Token Logic is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) cloud investment platform enabling you to make the right ICO investment moves.

Token Logic enables those with any level of crypto interest to profit from ICO investment without having to invest more of their own time than they wish to. It does this by providing expert investments via its internal team of ICO investors, analysts and forecasters using the latest technology.

Some Token Logic users are experts – some are amateurs. It does not matter with Token Logic for profitability is dependent entirely on the size of investment you make.

Where is Token Logic based?

Token Logic Ltd is a fully licensed company based in the HK. However, its team operates on a worldwide level so as to provide full attention to the frequent rises and falls of the swiftly shifting ICO landscape.

Our license number is: 2740270. Click here to verify. Please feel free to get in touch if you require further verification in any regard!

Where can I access your certificate of incorporation?

Of course, you can find this right here.

Is there a limit to who can create a Token Logic account?

The only limitation to signing up to and running a Token Logic account is that you are at least 18 years of age.

We are proud to uphold a global user policy so as long as you are of age and have internet access – which is likely how you are reading this – then you will be warmly welcomed into the Token Logic community.

Who is the CEO?

The CEO of Token Logic is Frank Herman, who has a wealth of experience in the field of crypto and blockchain innovation. Along with his team of expert ICO investors, he is proud to provide you with the world’s leading ICO cloud investment platform.

What security measures does Token Logic employ?

There are multiple levels of leading security systems in place to protect the investments of our valued users, as well as your data. These systems run 24/7, as does our dedicated security team that monitors these systems. We welcome you to validate our securities for your peace of mind by viewing our security seals as featured on our homepage.

Is there a Token Logic Telegram group?

There certainly is and it is a rich source of information and opportunities that we recommend every Token Logic user check out. You can join it now by clicking here and make sure you stop by to make the most of the many benefits!

How do I start?

Open your free account, and you are on your way to earn interest.

How can I verify payouts?

We share the payout info on our site.

Can I open more than one Token Logic account?

No, a user is limited to one Token Logic account. Multiple accounts for one person is against our internal users’ policy. Your account should contain only real personal data, including your email address.

How does Token Logic choose investable ICOs and which are most profitable?

Firstly, Token Logic’s professional investment team combines industry awareness with leading technology to detect and monitor a huge and ever-changing spread of the world’s newest, most lucrative and reliable ICOs from their moment of launch – reporting them would be too complex. Secondly, it is imperative to the Token Logic team that we do not jeopardise the maximum profitability enjoyed by each of our valued members, and so for this reason all information regarding ICOs remains strictly confidential.

How do Token Logic investment plan works?

The base Token Logic deposit launches as soon as you provide an investment of at 0.001-10 BTC from your Token Logic account. You will then receive 3% interest on your investment for 50 consecutive days.

In addition to this original investment plan, Token Logic presents two more popular plans to meet the needs of our larger-scale investors.

Those making deposits of 0.1-20 BTC will enjoy a 3.75% daily interest rate for 40 days, while those depositing 0.5-100 BTC will enjoy our most exclusive daily interest rate of 5% for 30 days.

The scale is simple: the more you invest, the faster you receive your 150% total return. Each of Token Logic’s three investment plans can be individually applied to as many ICO investments as you wish, providing total flexibility and boosted profitability the Token Logic way. Principal sum included in interest.

How do I start investing with Token Logic?

Beginning your ICO investment journey with Token Logic could not be simpler. All you need to do is create an account and possess at least 0.001 BTC in your wallet of choice to then deposit onto the Token Logic platform. It’s a very easy process and you can follow every step here on our how to page. Once your account is created, you can launch as many investments as you wish.

What are the payment options?

Deposits to your Token Logic account can be made in BitCoin as well as Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash, Doge, and Dash.

What’s the minimum deposit amount?

Minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC.

Can I close an investment early?

No you cannot – once a deposit is in place it runs for 30 to 50 calendar days consecutive to the opening of the deposit, until you reach 150% in total return.

Can I contribute in once cryptocurrency and withdraw with other?

No, you cannot do that. You collect earnings in the same cryptocurrency you used to contribute.

How can you provide such high interest?

Token Logic is proud to provide market-leading interest figures and it is all possible thanks to the belief held in our international pro ICO investment team.

Our powerful team and their astute investments, in combination with our ongoing expansion, will enable us to uphold these leading interest rates.

Not only that – we will continue to provide innovative new offers to all of our valued investors and continue to establish Token Logic as the world’s leading ICO cloud investment platform. Token Logic’s pro team invests only in the most promising ICOs to maximise your success rate.

I made a deposit but it is not showing up. Where is it?

Funds may take up to 24 hours to appear on your account. If the 24 hour window has expired and deposit failed to be added, please do not hesitate to reach out to our service team and we will be happy to insepct the transaction in detail with you.

Can I have more than one active investment?

Yes, you can launch as many investments as you wish, but please note that they do not sum; rather, they will be threaded separately.

Is principal returned at the end of term?

No it’s not, principal in included into daily interest rate.

Can I add funds to a investment that’s already running?

No, you can not do that.

Can I open more than one Token Logic account?

No, a user is limited to one Token Logic account.

How do I make a withdrawal?

Withdrawals from your Token Logic balance are incredibly simple and 100% free of charge. Simply go to your profile account area and enter the withdrawal section.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

You can make a minimal withdrawal amount of 0.0005 BTC from your account via your profile.

What format are withdrawals available in?

Accounts main value in BitCoin. Live exchange rate is used once you deposit or withdraw your earnings in other currencies then BitCoin. We accept many currencies in addition to Bitcoin including Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash, Doge, and Dash. Withdrawals are instant for BitCoin, Doge and Litecoin, for others within 24 hours.

How much time does it take for a withdrawal request to be processed?

Withdrawals are instant for BitCoin, Doge and Litecoin, for others within 24 hours.

How can I verify payouts?

Your Token Logic profile section features a detailed payout section in which you will be able to find all of the information required on each of your payments.

Are there any fees for withdrawals?

There are no fees for withdrawals.

Can I contribute in once cryptocurrency and withdraw with other?

No, you cannot do that. You collect earnings in the same cryptocurrency you used to contribute.

Is principal returned at the end of term?

No it’s not, principal in included into daily interest rate.

What is Token Logic’s Affiliate Program?

Like other applications, we at Token Logic greatly value the commitment our users make to us and show this through a range of partnership programs that bring even greater rewards right to your pocket. 
The primary of these programs is the Token Logic Affiliate Program, which is actually provided to every investor as standard.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

For every fellow investor you attract you will earn 4% or 8% (in case of representative) proportionate to their investment. So if you first encourage your friends to join up to Token Logic, you can expect to see your own rewards shoot up exponentially. The more you invite and the more they invest, the more you earn.

What about the Token Logic Representatives Program?

In addition to Token Logic’s base Affiliate Program, we offer an extra partnership tier to those users who possess a significant influence in the realm of social media and other public channels. It is simply twice as rewarding as our base Affiliate Program, providing you 8% on every referred investor’s investment!

How do I become a Representative?

Anyone who would like to promote our platform across their social media spheres and other followerships can apply to become a Token Logic Representative. Simply write us a note explaining how you believe you can help spread the positive global impact of Token Logic. Just send us a message at that includes your full name, Token Logic username, and country, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How about your Token Logic Bounty Campaigns?

Token Logic runs a sequence of Token Logic Bounty Campaigns that enable all users to gain extra awards by completing the tasks listed on our Bounty page. Check it out here!

Do I need an active investment in order to collect referral commission?

No, an active investment is not needed in order for you to earn regular commission.