Nov-9-2018 05:30:34 PM
Become a Bounty Hunter with Token Logic!

Dear customers,

We hope you had a wonderful Halloween and that you didn't eat too much candy or scare anyone half to death!

Token Logic is cruising wonderfully as we roll through our second week of operation, welcoming more and more visitors by the hour, and our pro investment team is revelling in the opportunity to keep winning big for thousands and thousands of budding ICO investors across the world.

We hope you're enjoying the experience as much as us! Now, as the festive season fast approaches, we at Token Logic have a little advance present that we would like to share with you...

  - Token Logic Bounty Program

We have all at one time wished we were Boba Fett - or perhaps the infamous Dog from daytime TV. Being a bounty hunter would be a super cool job yet not one that many of us would ever dare do.

Now with Token Logic you can flex your bounty hunting muscles right from the safety of your sofa!

We really appreciate every bit of support that we receive from our users. In fact, it touches our hearts so much when we see people choosing to publicly share the quality of their Token Logic experience that we have decided to reward that with our Token Logic Bounty Program.

  - Affiliates, Representatives... And Then Some

You can think of our Bounty Program as a reward system similar to our already-established Affiliates and Representatives Programs, which bring you a 4% and 8% return relative to the deposits made by each of your referrals.

The difference is that opposed to the fixed referral-based income of these programs - our Bounty Program sees you heading out there into the (virtual) wild west to secure your own bounties however you wish.

Secure Your Token Logic Bounties First off - there's no limit to the number of bounties you can pick up on behalf of Token Logic. We have a whole bunch of them set up - and will continue to adapt and add to them - so that you can get as much as you want out of this initiative.

You can check them out here:

  - Oh, Such Bountiful Bounties!

Everyone at Token Logic cannot wait to see what you guys come up with. We love the creativity that we have already seen - both before and as a result of this Bounty Program initiative.

There is no more powerful way to bring people together than the word of mouth of the average user - the Token Logic Bounties are just another way that we bring this monumental power into your hands.

Each bounty has a few simple guidelines you should follow for payout to be completed successfully and that is about it - the rest is totally up to you!

  - Get Investing!

Whether or not you choose to take part in our exciting Bounty Programs, we want you to fully enjoy investing in ICOs with Token Logic. If you haven't tried it out yet, it could not be simpler!

Until next time - have a great weekend!

Best regards,
The Token Logic Team

Nov-1-2018 02:11:13 PM
Token Logic: Week #1 a Huge Success!

Dear customers,

Wherever around the world you might be, we would like to reach out and personally thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to become a vital part of Token Logic's new global family.

Last week was the monumental public launch of Token Logic's cloud ICO investment platform. It was a truly exciting moment – as much for our team as for you following months of meticulous development and preparations.

In just one week of running we have received over 5,000 visitors and the number is rising rapidly thanks to our investment team stacked with world class experts, leading daily interest rates, and booming community features. What more could you want?

  -Join Us On Telegram!

You may know of Telegram as the new messenger app that brings together global communities so effectively with its powerful group chat functions. Token Logic's official Telegram group can be found

  -Start Your Investment Engines!

If you have have already launched your first investment plans then we wish you the very best of luck – our pro investor team will be uncovering massive results for you as your plans mature.

And if you have not yet capitalised upon your Token Logic membership by opening your first investment plan – the time is now. Find guidance on how to do just that

It's the perfect place to network with friends and meet new members, hear first about exclusive opportunities, and learn from our pro investment team through webinars, Q&As, competitions, showcases and so much more – so keep your eye trained on the Token Logic Telegram community!

Best regards,
The Token Logic Team

Oct-29-2018 03:09:17 PM
The Time is Now: Become a Token Logic Representative!

Dear customers,

We're enhancing every Token Logic member's potential within ICO investment... Are you ready for the next step?

  Be Your Own Boss with Token Logic's Representatives Program!

Whether you're a blogger, gamer, youtuber or you are running a social community - use your platform to shout about Token Logic. It could not be simpler, or more profitable!

  Representatives: Raking it In

Every Token Logic member earns 4% atop every deposit their referrals make. Now, we double this for each Representative: e.g. for every your referrals investment, you earn an amount equal to 8%.

No catches - just 8% right into your account, ready for no-fee instant withdrawal!

  How do I Become a Representative?

Simply write to explaining how you can contribute to our positive global impact. Include your full name, username and country - we'll respond within 24 hours.

Thank you - our Representatives look forward to welcoming you!

The Token Logic Team

Oct-24-2018 04:27:45 PM
Feast Your Eyes on the Very First Token Logic Newsletter!

Dear customers,

Wherever around the world you are, we are thrilled to welcome you once more to Token Logic.

And now, we are every bit as excited to present to you the very first Token Logic newsletter!

This will be our primary format for sharing all new, relevant and engaging news with you, so make sure you don't miss out on our exclusive announcements by keeping an eye out for these comms.

  - What The World Was Waiting For!

You guys have been waiting for a stand-alone ICO cloud investment platform and we are delighted to provide exactly that.

Token Logic was developed without any corners cut or elements rushed. The result is a platform that is ready for a rapidly growing global userbase!

  - Speak Up, Speak Up!

It is incredibly encouraging to the whole Token Logic to hear from each of you with your positive responses and of course, your constructive criticism. We'd like to thank you all for the feedback we have already received - the response has been remarkable.

This is only the beginning so stay tuned and keep us updated with your personal feedback as we continue to establish ourselves as not only the most profitable but accessible cloud ICO investment platform.

  - Welcome to ICO Investment Excellence!

The ICO market is an incredibly fertile field with hundreds of token sales launched globally per day. Many of us have invested in these ICOs only to watch them fail spectacularly for any number of reasons - with Token Logic, we say 'no more!'

With Token Logic, you can finally open up this incredibly lucrative realm without any of the risks when going solo. Tap into the elite knowledge of our expert forecasters, investors and analysts using the latest technologies and leading market knowledge to make your investment count.

Our primary goal is to maximise your profits. It's just what we do. Save your time and effort - just sit back and embrace the ICO investment lifestyle no matter the extent of your ICO knowledge.

  - Our Team and Community!

Token Logic is registered and based in the HK but our wonderful team of investors is situated all around the world. It's a product of our incredible networking throughout past years and features many leading industry experts.

Together, we crack open the exclusive world of ICO investment just for you. You will have the chance to meet, hear and learn from various members of our investor team as we continue to establish ourselves via masterclasses, webinars and more with much of it spouting from our Telegram group that you can find here:

Of course, you are not alone in enjoying the many benefits of Token Logic. Our Telegram group is a great place to meet and network with like-minded individuals, and you will also be able to do this via our platform itself, as well as many social initiatives that we launch in the coming months.

Let's come together and create a thriving global community with a shared love of ICO profitability. With Token Logic, it is all possible!

  - So Rewarding!

We guarantee our users a swift 150% total return on every investment. This, plus all of the benefits when our team strikes gold, are the very base of what you can enjoy with Token Logic.

Maybe you discovered us by yourself, maybe you were recommended to join us by one of your friends. However you found us, let's continue to share the Token Logic love. And of course, the more you share, the more we share.

By being an active member you benefit from our Affiliates Program, which provides 4% return on investments made by anyone you refer to our platform.

Then, if you have a social media following and apply to become a Token Logic Representative, you can double that figure and enjoy 8% return on each of your followership that you introduce to our community. With Token Logic, it really does pay to play promoter.

And of course, any of our users can enjoy the range of fun rewards by completing our continually updated Bounty Campaigns.

  - Let's Make Some Magic!

That's all for our first newsletter - however you wish to use your Token Logic account, we are thrilled to have you aboard. Let's make some ICO magic!

Until next time, we wish you the very best in your investments!

The Token Logic Team
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