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Last update: Saturday, 6 October 2018
1. Standard Terms

1.1. The following terms and conditions as laid out by this agreement must be adhered to by every user (referred to from this point onward as "Seller" or "Buyer") of Token Logic Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or ‘Token Logic’) platform, as well as all other platform features.

1.2. To commence use of the Token Logic platform, the Seller must fully accept all written statements, rules and implications stated in this agreement. The Company is not accountable for any breach of terms of this agreement on the part of the Seller.

1.3. The Company must give at least one week’s notice to Buyers and/or Sellers before modifying any element of this document, which they will be permitted to do so henceforth.

2. Description of the platform

2.1. Token Logic provides secure cloud investment computing systems for the purpose of ICO investment. The central data hub of the Company is where all the servers are located that power the platform.

2.2. The Company gives Buyers the opportunity to invest in the world’s most profitable ICOs under the direction of Token Logic’s investment team. Based on the Seller’s use of the platform, all income and capital will be assessed and given.

3. Terms of resource reservation

3.1. To generate capital within the Token Logic platform, Sellers must have an “Active” account—meaning there is no less than 0.001 BTC in the Seller’s account.

3.2. To deposit funds to their account, Sellers can use the Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ether, Litecoin and Dogecoin payment system.

3.3. Buyer capital is based on the aggregate account balance of the Buyer, in addition to all relevant times of purchase. The Company’s Calculator page will be used for compound interest earnings.

3.4. The same payment system used to acquire funds will be used by the Buyer for withdrawals.

3.5. All withdrawals from Token Logic are done instantly or within 24 hours as soon as the Seller requests a withdrawal.

4. Parties to the Agreement

4.1. To become a Seller, all instructions on www.tokenlogic.biz must be completed to open an account.

4.2. Only accurate personal information will be accepted. Improper and falsified information should be banned.

4.3. You must be a legal adult and citizen of the current of your primary address in order to become a Buyer.

4.4. By opening an account with Token Logic, each Buyer assures that their use of the platform will not be for illegal purposes.

4.5. Only this agreement will stipulate how the platform is to be used, as well as how Buyers and Sellers will use this platform.

4.6. No third party will ever be permitted to solicit personal information from Buyers and Sellers using this platform.

5. Terms of use Account

5.1. The Seller must use their real, legal name when opening an account. Opening multiple accounts using the same name or a fake name will result in permanent termination.

5.2. A Buyer cannot transfer ownership of an account to a third party.

5.3. Payment accounts can be changed via the Buyer’s discretion.

5.4. Sellers cannot delete their accounts.

6. Affiliate Program Regulations

6.1. The Platform Affiliate Program fast-tracks the lead generation of Buyers of Token Logic.

6.2. Up to 8% affiliate commission fee will be paid by the platform for referrals to Token Logic by Buyers.

6.3 Upon referral, each commission will be deposited into the referring Buyer’s account in real time.

7. Force majeure circumstances

7.1. Token Logic can suspend the platform if technological disasters, world economic crisis, earthquake, wars, revolution, epidemics and strikes threaten or become detriment to platform use.

The Company’s registration documents provide assurance to this Policy. All users of this policy will be affected by decisions made by the court system of Hong Kong. See Terms & Agreements for conditions for rules and regulations under such circumstances.